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Temperature Measurement Systems

Human Temperature Measurement Systems:

Thermographic Temperature Measurement SystemTIC2531 and Blackbody DeviceApex Technology has partnered with Skycom to bring a temperature/ID scan tracking system to the masses.  We have multiple options, with many capabilities.  Our machines, not only, measure temperature, but also can be used as id scanners and for security.  Click below to see all our options and how they can fit your specific needs...

Temperature Measurement:

Fever is an important manifestation of the activation of the human immune system, which indicates that people are infected with bacteria or viruses. The main temperature measurement methods can be divided into contact and non-contact.  Our Temperature monitors can register temperature and record the readings in 1-3 seconds thru a No-contact system either registering temperature by the wrist or the corner of the eye.  They are capable of performing ID scan and recognition with or without masks.

Rapid Body Temperature Screening is now easily Achieved:

Non Contact Temperature ScreeningNon-contact Temperature ScreeningAutomatic thermal temperature measurement and screening system can quickly and widely measure the body temperature of the crowd through non-contact temperature measurement, screen out the individuals with abnormal fever in real time. The medical staff can use the thermometer to retest immediately after locking the suspected target to ensure that no fever personnel are missed, which is especially suitable for prevention and control of epidemic situation in the traffic intensive areas such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, government agencies, schools, shopping malls, large factories, office.

Many Options to Choose From:

OET213H Kioskb cw180 TIC 2531c OPD 533TM 5

OET213H KioskbThe Uniview OET-213H Temperature Detection System is a Non Contact Body temperature measurement device.  This system can assist with maintaining a safe work environment.  Using a quick wrist scan, all employees and customers entering your business can be checked for any fever.  This individual screening device can also be networked to screen for identities which can help with letting all the right people in while keeping the wrong people out.  It can even be networked into some electronic door lock systems.

This system provides:

  • Real time information and statistics
  • Data Export functionality
  • Face Recognition and Image acquisition during scan
  • High efficiency which can scan up to 30 people per minute
  • Small size with a high reliability rate.
  • Provides accurate measurement and supports dynamic and static signals detection
  • Does not require direct contact with the target
  • Built in infrared thermoelectric sensor

TUniview CW180 Temperature Detection Systemhe Uniview CW180 Temperature Detection System is a mobile temperature measurement device kiosk with a larger, multifunctional monitor.  As with the device above, it is also a Non Contact Body temperature measurement device.

Additional Features and Functions included:

  • CW180 consists of a Face Capture Module which can detect and capture face images, collect the data and overlay temperature information
  • The Display module displays the temperature measurement interface
  • Wrist scanning device with built in infrared thermoelectric sensor
  • The brackets module holds the screen, temperature measurement module and associated equipment.  If is adjustable and has wheels so the height can be adjusted and the unit moves freely.
  • The recording module receives the face images and temperature information, can display the data locally, stores the data and can be accessed to export the data and reports.
  • The unit can be flexibly deployed in schools, hotels, government buildings, supermarkets, enterprise and business premises.

Thermal Temperature MeasurementThe Uniview TIC 2531 Temperature Detection System is a rapid body temperature screening device which can quickly and widely measure the body temperature of a crowd through non contact temperature measurement, and can screen out individuals with abnormal fever in real time.  The security and/or medical staff can then pull the affected individual out of the crowd for temperature verification.  This is especially effective in high traffic areas such as schools, government agencies, hospitals, shopping malls, factories and manufacturing facilities, and office buildings. 

TIC 2531The features and functions of the TIC 2531 include:

  • Pass through without contact, rapid screening of multiple people body temperature in one minute
  • Thermal camera has high response speed and efficiency, and the tested personnel do not need to stay
  • Automatic alarm to reduce manual work 
  • Automatic body temperature screening, alarm prompt and automatic photo taking after catching the fever target
  • Reduce the risk of virus infection among testing personnel
  • It can measure temperature at a distance of several meters to effectively avoid close contact with potential patients
  • Image storage for easy recording and tracking
  • The image temperature measurement method is more intuitive. The alarm image is stored in real time, and the historical data can be queried.

OPD 533TM 5The Uniview OPD 533TM Body Temperature Measurement Gate incorporates metal detection, facial recognition, temperature measurement, face capture and people counting statistics all in one device. This pass-thru device provides multiple levels of security and has multiple alarms that can be set for abnormal temperature and for banned metal objects.

The features and functions of the OPD 533TM Body Temperature Measurement Gate include:

  • Highly sensitive metal detector can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects.
  • The numbers of alarms and people passing the gate are displayed on LCD screen in real time.
  • Multi-zone alarm at the same time.
  • Password protection can prevent unauthorized configuration.
  • Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist, can sound an alarm when a high temperature is detected.
  • 86°F~113°F measurement range, high accuracy .33inch ~ 1.5inch measurement distance.
  • Modular design, easy to install.
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