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We started Apex with the customer in mind.  Not as a typical managed services provider but to fill a need for our own company.  We are our own customer.  Every day we work wth our company, learning how to improve our customer service, growing with our company, striving to keep our employees happy so that we may serve our Apex customers better. 

Let me explain.

The owner of Sunflower Rental recognized that we needed an IT company that would be more than "just another IT company".  We wanted someone with OUR goals as their top priority, not someone who was looking to make money off of us, constantly upselling and striving to make us dependent on them.  We wanted someone who could work with our staff, without being offended if our staff had certain opinions or requirements, afterall, we are the customer. 

After working with several organizations, it became clear to us that the only way we could fill this need, is if we created the company whose primary job was to do exactly that!  Now, we are able to offer that same service, the service we as customers expect and demand, we can offer that service to our customers. 

We want you to tell us if we are meeting your needs, your expectations, and helping you reach your goals.  We know what it's like to be the customer, and we are adamant that our employees treat your company the same way they treat our company.


With an advanced degree in Telecommunications, Jesse has over 20 years selling and servicing phone systems. While Telephony has evolved a lot over the last 20 years, Jesse’s passion for providing exceptional service has never wavered.  Jesse loves working with our customers putting together the best possible solution for their needs, not our needs.  Jesse offers options and educates our clients on what would be the best solution and very often, can save our clients up to 40% off their current monthly phone costs.  Utilizing Jesse's expertise, we are more than fair on pricing estimates and will not finish the job unless his client is 100% satisfied with the product and service.


With a broad understanding of phones, networking, servers, backup/restore and anti-virus.  We offer a “what is best for your company” attitude and value relationships more than a one time sale.

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