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Your old IT guy just left.  (Quit, fired or hit by the beer truck), doesn’t matter, you now have no IT guy.  “How hard can this be?” you think to yourself.  “I’m a computer savvy person, I got this…” Then you open the computer closet.  WOW!!! And suddenly you find yourself hungry for spaghetti.  After you get back from lunch, you’ll tackle this.

 After you get back from lunch, you decide you are not the person for the job.  Do you currently own anyone qualified to clean up that mess?  Probably not.  Sales and Marketing are definitely out and Accounting is good at software but all those cables and other little black boxes are beyond the scope of Accounting’s skillset.  You’re going to need to find a person. 

Apex Technologies is that person.  We have highly skilled folks to help with every aspect of your Network.  From cleaning up that spaghetti mess in your computer closet, to making sure your network is protected from malware. 

Apex Technologies can help with your proprietary software issues, provide Quickbooks support and setup a proactive backup solution to protect your network from hackers, malware and viruses. 

Apex Technologies can repair, manage and monitor your network remotely and onsite, depending on the specific situation. 

Apex Technologies offers full managed services options, break/fix options, disaster recovery solutions as well as digital phone systems and surveillance equipment installation. 

Get back on track quickly and eliminate potential security threats and software issues with Apex Technologies’ Computer and Server Maintenance solutions...

Priority Support

Priority Support

Workstation, device and network issues often slow down or even stop employee productivity.  Anytime one of your employees has a question or needs assistance, Apex Technologies is available to provide priority support when the employee calls or submits a service ticket.

  • Talk with us utilizing our Website’s Chatra feature
  • No answering services!  All voicemail messages are provided with priority response.
  • Talk to real, local IT experts
  • Submit tickets for all IT needs.  This method provides concise description of your problem while limiting or eliminating the time you spend on the phone.  Whether URGENT, low priority or project, once we recieve your request, we will schedule accordingly.
  • Apex will connect with your employees directly if an issue arises

When you call the help desk, you can be assured you will talk with one of our experts, not an answering service overseas.  Instead you'll speak with a real IT specialist who lives and works near you and will strive to understand your issue and work to resolve your problem as efficiently and expediently as possible.

Apex Technologies’ remote access tools allow our technicians, to access and control your company's computer (if needed) to quickly diagnose and fix the issue.

Apex Technologies offers multiple levels of support in order to fit your business’ needs.  Email @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (785) 246-9131

24/7 Computer & Server Maintenance/Monitoring

Computer/Server Maintenance

Apex Technologies implements a Maintenance/Monitoring program on your network enabling us to quietly and proactively manage your network, reducing down-time and productivity issues while increasing efficiencies. During the initial process:

  • Monitoring systems are set up on all of your workstations and servers.
  • We log all important information such as
    • OS type
    • Workstation performance
    • Software license information
    • Internal specifications of the machines
    • User information
  • Install Vipre Anti-Virus and Malware prevention software.
  • All required updates are setup to be performed on off-hours. Notifications for future updates are setup.

During our initial setup phase, we are also available to perform other network maintenance such as closet cleanup, etc.  Computer maintenance together with 24/7 monitoring and priority support provide the security coverage and quick repair time your business needs.  For more information:  Email @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (785) 246-9131

24/7 Computer & Server Monitoring

Your network is being constantly monitored. (by Apex!!)

Apex Technologies employs one of the leading remote monitoring solutions in the industry.  Connectwise/Automate has set industry standards for eons. Apex Technologies has partnered with Connectwise/Automate to provide a remote monitoring solution for our customers which proactively prevents most network and workstation IT issues.  Our monitoring solution provides remote access so we can quickly repair many network issues without causing downtime or needless interruption.

How It Works

  • As mentioned above, Monitoring software is installed on all your workstations and servers.
  • When our software detects any unnatural condition a notification will be generated.
  • Notifications are sent to our Help Desk, generating a service ticket and assigning you issue to a technician who then researches and repairs the issue.
  • When necessary, Apex Technologies will notify you of the issue immediately and the actions being taken to solve it.  Many issues are non-invasive, meaning they may not require notification and will not interfere with your employee’s productivity.  Those are immediately repaired and the ticket is logged.  You will see those tickets when you receive your monthly managed services invoice.
  • When needed, Apex Technologies technicians will request permission to utilize the remote login tool to virtually see what is on your employee’s screen when they have an issue.
  • Apex Technologies will then swiftly repair the issues. When needed, Apex can physically visit your location to fix those more difficult issues such as hardware and connectivity issues.

Our Managed Services plan offers security and peace of mind once your network is protected by our 24-hour monitoring/maintenance plan.  Email @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (785) 246-9131


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